Consistent quality and increased efficiency

Ensure consistency in quality and increase efficiency across all surgeons by standardizing procedures.


Plan your procedures

Plan your procedures from scratch or from fully customizable templates shared with a community of your peers.

Adapt your planning to each specific patient to reflect individual differences and make sure the team is best prepared.

Work with your team to ensure that the right equipment, instruments and implants are there before any procedure starts.

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Increase transparency

Guide your surgical team

Create transparency at a glance about the current status and the next steps for your entire team.

Intuitively navigate through your procedure using voice, touch or a foot pedal.

Let Nodus automatically update the expected end time for your procedure.

Flag any issues as they happen to make sure mitigating actions are put in place.

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Integrated Research

Use latest research for OP planning

Review the latest relevant research for your planned operation.

Leverage the full power of the PubMed database which has been fully integrated.

Save papers which are most relevant for you.

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Automated reporting

Complete reporting with one click

Complete your operative report with one click or amend it with additional information.

Review all your previous procedures in your personal library at a glance.

Pull your operations log at any time.

Evaluate any critical incidents and anonymously share them with the relevant community.

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