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Nodus simplifies the work of surgical teams before, during and after an operation.


We help surgeons improve lives

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High quality and patient safety

Ensure consistently high quality and patient safety for any type of surgery across all surgeons in your clinic by standardizing your procedures


Ensure relevance of standard operating procedures (SOP) by tailoring them to your individual requirements with an intuitive editor

Individual Steps

Choose the level of detail when defining the individual steps for the procedure, including required equipment, materials or implants.

Specific per patient

Use the standard operating procedures for an actual surgery by adapting them to a specific patient or procedure within seconds.

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Collaboration inside and outside the OR

Improved procedure flow

Speed up the intra-OR workflow by improving collaboration within the team. Everyone inside the OR can anticipate the next steps of the procedure which will improve efficiency and overall patient outcome.

No more missing materials

Eliminate interruptions or delays due to missing materials and implants. Share the planned procedure and required materials prior to the surgery.

Better planning accuracy

Increase efficiency outside the OR by sharing live updates about the surgery progress. Your staff outside the OR will get real time updates, reducing OR downtime.

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Automation of administrative tasks

Easily create and share reports

Complete your operative report with one click or amend it with additional information.

Personal log book

Review and analyze all your previous procedures in your personal library. Pull your operations log at any time. Pull your operations log at any time

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Education of residents

Improved learning experience

Accelerate the development curve of your resident surgeons by offering a great learning experience and allowing them to better prepare ahead of a surgery.

Connect the dots

Create a link between theory and practice by leveraging Nodus’ digital assistant inside the OR. Your residents can follow your procedure live during each surgery and learn to connect the dots faster.

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