At the Forefront of Surgical Intelligence

Nodus simplifies the work of surgical teams before, during and after an operation. 

The software secures quality and saves time by optimizing workflows and automating reports.

Intra-operative navigation

Standardize surgical procedures

Define the standard for how procedures should be done in your department. Set the best practice approach for your surgical team to follow.

Save time on documentation

Information in the patient consent form, the OR registration form and the post OR report is often redundant. Nodus generates all necessary documentation automatically and only asks you for a review.

Optimize the workflow

Optimize the workflow of your surgical team during the surgery with a shared mental picture. The next procedural step, the estimated time of completion, required instruments and other helpful information is displayed on a screen for everyone to see.

Post-operative documentation

Leverage the community

See how other surgeons have planned procedures. Learn from and discuss with them different approaches. Access the anonymous CIRS and the integrated PubMed platform when planning a new procedure.

As a resident: Be prepared

Nervous about the surgery tomorrow? Prepare for it by going through each step in detail. Impress the lead surgeon with your knowledge about the procedure.