Nodus Medical meets Swiss Air Force
It is a cold cloudy day and one feels that this year’s summer is definitely coming to an end. We
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Intelligent Health – AI Summit
“Healthcare productivity has been declining since the 1980s, but AI & virtual health tools can drive more clinical care without
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F5 Fighter
Risk Management – A Rewarding Skill
On a daily basis every one of us faces situations which cause the release of stress hormones. Fortunately, most of those
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With our digital checklist and workflow engine we want to enable surgeons to plan, execute and document procedures more reliably and efficiently, boosting their productivity and allowing surgeons to include safety checks and emergency preparation in procedures, furthering quality and safety. With a real-time, data-driven surgical advisor we aim to provide an AI-assistant to operating theaters as well as leveraging insights from procedures by building a global best practice database.

Operative Report

Automatically generate your surgical report through the items you’ve checked intra-operatively.

Procedure Planning

Preparer your surgeries by using the intuitive planning tool including security checks.


Establish a professional network with other surgeons in your field by sharing your procedures and comparing to others.


Access the library of commented surgical procedure videos prepared for your next case.


Use the integration with leading medical online libraries and clinical trial registers to optimise your research activities.


Report, share and manage complications encountered during surgery using our Critical Incident Reporting System.