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Run for Charity – Nodus PM Sophie raising money for Haiti in this year‘s NYC Marathon

Sophie in Haiti

Hôpital Bon Samaritain (HBS), a full-service hospital with outreach programs, is situated in the river valley of Limbé, Haiti. Our product manager Sophie Brackertz, who in the past volunteered in Limbé, will run this year’s NYC Marathon on behalf of HBS.

Sophie on her experience in Haiti
I first learned about HBS from a doctor acquaintance who volunteered in Limbé during the cholera epidemic of 2010. I was really excited to get my own experience as a medical volunteer when I left for Haiti back in 2014. While working in the clinic most of the day I was able to share some of my knowledge working hand in hand with the staff at HBS. Thinking back, memories of the time spent in the orphanage now come first to my mind. Giving love and shelter to these children who had suffered different setbacks in life appeared as one of the most important missions to me. I am grateful for all the beautiful moments and blessings I experienced during my stay at HBS, and I truly hope to be able to return to Limbé one day. In the meantime, I want to give something back to the people at HBS by raising money running this year’s NYC Marathon.

About the Hospital
Since 1953, HBS has provided health care services for the greater population of the Limbé Valley. Currently 6,000 outpatients are being provided with consultations and treated monthly in the outpatient clinic. Nurse practitioners work alongside doctors to screen, diagnose, and treat patients. Small surgery is performed in the clinic for minor fractures and cuts resulting from accidents and fights. A separate surgery unit with two operating rooms and 20 beds handles all the larger emergencies year-round.

Please consider supporting HBS. They rely on donations and are such wonderful people – helping some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Click here to support Sophie’s social fundraising campaign.