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Kevin Pinter – My Experience At Nodus

Nodus Internship

As a company aims for innovation enhancement reflecting existing processes is a crucial first step. This does not only apply to the solution we are building but also for our own personal routines and comfort-zones. That’s why we published a summer internship offering and reached out for a young mind with little work experience in Medtech who would challenge our assumptions.

My Internship at Nodus
At Nodus Medical I get to experience on a daily basis how people with different backgrounds come together to create amazing synergies. It is comparable to working in a melting pot of knowledge, incorporating inputs from military aviation, surgical intervention, to IT and project management. Despite this impressive expertise assembled by the company, the entire team spurs me to bring in my own suggestions and insights on current matters. This gives me the opportunity to get instant feedback on my own thoughts and inputs together with the possibility to bring up ideas which I’d personally like to develop on. Concrete examples for such involvements is our website you are browsing on or our pricing strategy where I saw potential for improvements. 

Nevertheless, developing your own idea at Nodus doesn’t mean you’re left alone with your task. Whenever a team member had a better understanding of a topic which I had to deal with, the person would help me dedicatedly and contribute actively to the steep learning curve I have been experiencing so far.

What surprised me the most was the effort put into offer me valuable insights. When I decided to join a start-up I was aware of the risk that my tasks could end up focusing on simple clerk work and not on the primary purpose of getting hands-on experience in business development. Luckily this scenario never occurred and the people surrounding me never hesitated to make an additional effort to explain things to me. Finally, besides getting a better understanding of technical subjects, I also get to receive personal feedbacks on a regular basis on my working attitude in order to improve my business acumen and grow as a person.

In conclusion, I find my expectations to be markedly exceeded and that all the positive elements sum up to a welcoming and motivating working environment.