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Health 2.018

Ralph Health 2018

As a partner of this year’s Health2.018 conference on digital transformation hosted by the Swiss weekly ‘Finanz & Wirtschaft’ in Rüschlikon, we had the chance to get a good impression of the current state of mind of a cross-section of the Swiss healthcare sector.

The conference was dominated by the looming implementation deadline of the Swiss electronic patient record (EPR) for hospitals at the end of 2019. The skepticism on the success of this endeavor was palpable across most participants – with some going as far as voicing their boredom with the constant focus on the EPR instead of more promising and innovative avenues for bringing digital into healthcare. In a similarly depressing mood, quite a few doctors present voiced strong opposition to anything but the most basic digitization efforts. As a result, clear frustration was present across the room.

Fortunately, as the day progressed, things took on a more optimistic outlook with Stefan Wild, TopPharm’s CEO, reminding everyone that by 2020 Digital Natives will represent a majority of population.

Additionally, Reto Kaul (co-founder at sublimd) shared his insights from supporting resident doctors in documenting patient’s medical history – apparently, resident doctor’s spend 28% of their time on documentation today!

Finally, our co-founder Ralph Läubli joined 3 other hospital representatives on stage to discuss the ‘hospital of the future’. Combining his perspective as both an active surgeon as well as a digital innovator, he appealed to everyone to focus on the content and not just the format of digitization – while using our brains as ‘homo sapiens’. Ralph also provoked quite some reactions through his clear appeal to transparency while maintaining an environment that is conducive to actual learning rather than just ‘bashing’ – one of our aviation-inspired core values here at Nodus Medical!

Overall, the event was an insightful look at the current state of mind regarding digital form a variety of actors – well worth the time!