Nodus Medical meets Swiss Air Force

It is a cold cloudy day and one feels that this year’s summer is definitely coming to an end. We are on our way to the Air Force base Meiringen in central Switzerland to meet one of our founders – Swiss Air Force pilot and MD Marc Studer. The goal of this field trip is […]

F5 Fighter

Risk Management – A Rewarding Skill

On a daily basis every one of us faces situations which cause the release of stress hormones. Fortunately, most of those situations are unlikely to harm us and therefore we settle down quickly. But what if the circumstances actually aggravate and every negligence could have lethal consequences? Most people panic and respond with impulsive actions which […]

Ralph Health 2018

Health 2.018

As a partner of this year’s Health2.018 conference on digital transformation hosted by the Swiss weekly ‘Finanz & Wirtschaft’ in Rüschlikon, we had the chance to get a good impression of the current state of mind of a cross-section of the Swiss healthcare sector. The conference was dominated by the looming implementation deadline of the […]

Piktochart Perspectives

Putting Things Into Perspective

At Nodus Medical we spend every waking hour trying to find new and better ways to help surgeons spend more time doing what they’re best at and getting even better at it. You may wonder what makes us get up fully motivated every morning? Here’s our perspective on why what we do really matters. Atul […]

Kevin Pinter – My Experience At Nodus

As a company aims for innovation enhancement reflecting existing processes is a crucial first step. This does not only apply to the solution we are building but also for our own personal routines and comfort-zones. That’s why we published a summer internship offering and reached out for a young mind with little work experience in […]