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Exponentially Increasing: The Value of SaaS Solutions with Integrations
In the past decade we have seen a major shift in the way enterprise software is built, marketed, implemented and
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How to ensure success when standardizing procedures
We have spoken with countless senior surgeons who are convinced that standardization is the key to higher patient safety and
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Healthcare – Measuring quality is not enough
Measuring the quality of healthcare is a hot topic. International studies have shown that 1 in 10 patients come out
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The Burden of Documentation
When talking to our users as well as potential customers, we often encounter the (perceived) ever-increasing effort for documentation and
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A look back on 2018
In June 2018, not a single line of code was written. We did not even have a website or an
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digital surgery
“Hello World” Soft Launch in Lucerne
On Tuesday evening, Nodus Medical invited a diverse group consisting of healthcare professionals, fighter pilots and tech enthusiasts to Lucerne,
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Nodus Medical at the Singapore Orthopaedic Association
Our Chairman and co-founder Dr. Marc Studer, a surgeon and active fighter jet pilot, recently had the opportunity to present
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Nodus Medical meets Swiss Air Force
It is a cold cloudy day and one feels that this year’s summer is definitely coming to an end. We
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Blogpost AI
Intelligent Health – AI Summit
“Healthcare productivity has been declining since the 1980s, but AI & virtual health tools can drive more clinical care without
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F5 Fighter
Risk Management – A Rewarding Skill
On a daily basis every one of us faces situations which cause the release of stress hormones. Fortunately, most of those
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